Public Hearing on Land and Livelihoods, Bannerghatta

The struggle for land and dignified livelihoods in Hakki Pikki colony, Bannerghatta took a new turn at the Public Hearing organised by the Hakki Pikki and Irulga Tribal Society on the eve of International Indigenous People’s day on August 8, 2015. The Member of Parliament, Shri D.K Suresh who presided over the Hearing, after listening to members of the Hakki Pikki and Iruliga tribe speak, outlined the steps that he, along with the concerned representatives of the revenue, forest and social welfare departments who were also present, are taking to ensure that within the next few months the land is released in their names along with a comprehensive ‘development’ plan for the community that would take into consideration their innate survival skills. The community looks forward to justice being finally done after more than five decades of being displaced from their traditional ways of life and living.

Press Release_Hakki_Pikki_Iruliga_Reclaim_Rights_ english

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